willyoubemyteddybear asked:

I love the simplistic layout of this page :) As a Hepburn lover my favourite films are Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina and Charade. What are your favourite Audrey Hepburn film/films? And do you feel that her fashion style and films will continue to inspire people decades on?

missingaudrey answered:

My favorite is Two for the Road. It’s quite underrated in my opinion, and I think she’s amazing at it. 

Yes, I do. I think she’ll always be remembered. Hopefully, not just because of her style, though, because I feel as if some people claim to be her fans just because she’s popular and it’s cool to know Audrey Hepburn.. it really pisses me off. I hope she always get to be remembered as a little girl who fought to survive during WWII and grew up to be a woman who fought for love, fought for the children, fought for the world. When I think about Audrey I see mostly the human being she was, not the style icon or the movie actress, even though I know she made her imprint through her fashion and filmography as well. I just think she gave much more to the humanity in the her later years, I feel that’s how she would like to be remembered. 

I really want to talk about her to my children and hopefully grandchildren one day. So, as far as I’m concerned, she’ll remain alive for a really long time :)

That’s really nice, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks!